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  • Rendering
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    • Photo Realistic 3D Rendering
    • 3D Animation / Fly-through
    • Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Building Information Modeling ( BIM )
    • Real-time 3D Modeling
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  • 2023

Ryan Chua Ng

Managing Partner

Yann Lee

Managing Partner

GV Studio is an innovative and vibrant 3D visualization and communications company that has been delivering stunning results to clients since 2005. We are passionate about creating top-quality 3D rendering for developers, hotels, corporate and institutional clients, as well as providing interactive media solutions for architects and designers.

Our team of experienced professionals bring a creative flair to everything they do; from developing animations that capture the essence of a project’s design, to producing captivating images that promote projects effectively. We have built up a strong reputation in the real estate and design industry by consistently providing outstanding 3D solutions with our cutting-edge technology combined with our fun-loving attitude.

Based in Hong Kong, and with liaison offices in Las Vegas, New York, Vancouver, and Malaysia, we can support you and your company, in the virtual realization of your projects. Our production teams are in Mainland China, with teams in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shandong and Hebei.



Corinthia by the sea

Koko Hill

Peak Road



1 / Photo Realistic 3D Rendering

2 / 3D Animation / Fly-through

3 / Virtual Reality (VR)

4 / Augmented Reality (AR)

5 / Building Information Modeling ( BIM )

6 / Real-time 3D Modeling

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