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    • Site Analysis & Proof of Concept
    • Programming to Understand, Assess & Formulate Project Goals
    • Conceptual Design Options
    • Full Revit 3D Modeling Design & Documentation
    • Construction Administration Services
    • Manage all project design team consultants
    • Renderings, Animations, & VR Simulations
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Robert Steel


Robert Steel Design is a leading contemporary architecture and design firm committed to creating carefully crafted and timeless, but of its time, architecture.

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, the studio is helmed by design award-winning Scottish architect Robert Steel AIA NCARB RIBA RIAS, whose high-profile commercial projects span the globe, ranging from luxury multi-family residential and mixed-use, universities, health care facilities, and aviation, including the celebrated San Francisco Air Traffic Control Tower.

Simplicity is key to the studio’s ethos and design philosophy. Honesty of expression of a building’s program, form, function and use of materials underpins the fundamental design approach of all projects. Respect of, and sensitive responsiveness to, each individual project’s context, environment, topography, landscape and climatic conditions are key attributes to its ultimate successful delivery.

Maximizing the abundance of controlled natural daylight and the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces are major design drivers of our projects. We seek to take full advantage of these conditions wherever possible and appropriate.

While we are a contemporary modern focused studio, we are completely open-minded stylistically and approach each project on its own merits to work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations.








1 / Site Analysis & Proof of Concept

Preliminary site analysis, test fit and proof of concept(s).

2 / Programming to Understand, Assess & Formulate Project Goals

Programming to understand, assess and formulate client’s specific requirements to fulfill their project goals.

3 / Conceptual Design Options

Prepare Conceptual Design options for client consideration & preference.

4 / Full Revit 3D Modeling Design & Documentation

Provide full Revit 3D modeling design and documentation for all stages of a project including planning, entitlement, statutory design review, plan check, bid package and cost estimating. Stamp drawing as Architect of Record.

5 / Construction Administration Services

Provide construction administration services.

6 / Manage all project design team consultants

Recommend, obtain proposals, select, and manage all project design team consultants.

7 / Renderings, Animations, & VR Simulations

Provide renderings, animations, and VR simulations throughout all stages of a project to inform and guide the design process to validate and compare all design decisions with client participation and collaboration.

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