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In the Press: INMAN

New development transactions still pay real estate agent commission As brokerages pivot to specialized buyers agent trainings meant to empower agents, new-home sales still provide plenty of opportunities for intrepid Realtors to earn real estate agent commissions, development specialist Hana Cha writes. In recent weeks, the real estate industry has been buzzing about the National […]

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real estate marketing strategy Hana Cha

In the Press: INC MAGAZINE

Navigating the Silver Tsunami: Adapting Marketing and PR Strategies for Shifting Generations The U.S. population is getting older. You need to change your marketing strategy accordingly. We need to talk about the silver tsunami in the United States. This isn’t about the latest fad for hair color–though it may help explain why silver is trending. Instead, the term refers

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development marketing Hana Cha


Real Estate Powerhouse: Hana Cha Orchestrates Success in Development Marketing and Sales Hana Cha, a name synonymous with expertise and innovation in the luxury real estate development marketing and sales landscape, has carved a remarkable path in the industry. Through her company, HANA, she has not only achieved exceptional results for her clients but also

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luxury real estate Hana Cha


Luxury Real Estate Innovation with HANA. Hana Cha, a household name in the luxury real estate world of the US, is recognized for her expertise and innovation in new development marketing and sales. Since 2008, Hana has spearheaded over $4 billion worth of new development projects across the nation. An industry-leading strategist, Hana’s unwavering determination

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Real Estate Habits - successful agents - Hana Cha


What Habits Contribute to the Success of a Real Estate Agent? In the competitive world of real estate, certain real estate habits stand out as key contributors to successful agents. We’ve gathered insights from eight seasoned professionals, including Owners and Realtors, to uncover these pivotal routines. From practicing active listening to cultivating professional grit, discover

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real estate marketing strategies - Hana Cha

In the Press: FEATURED

What are some Innovative Real Estate Marketing Strategies? In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate marketing, innovation is key to standing out. We’ve gathered insights from SEO specialists to CEOs, sharing their most creative marketing strategies. From integrating virtual reality property tours to creating targeted digital buyer experiences, explore the sixteen cutting-edge marketing tactics these

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Hana Cha discusses Biden-Harris administration’s commercial-to-residential conversion initiative for Real Estate Developers In October 2023, the Biden-Harris Administration unveiled a transformative initiative for real estate developers to convert high-vacancy commercial buildings into affordable, energy-efficient housing. The move addresses the pressing issue of soaring office vacancies nationwide, simultaneously tackling the long-standing shortage of affordable housing. This

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real estate Team - Hana Cha

In the Press: INMAN

Build a Resilient and sustainable team to survive real estate in 2024 A real estate team shouldn’t be made up of individuals doing a bunch of separate jobs, writes development specialist Hana Cha. It should be an ace crew ready to tackle any challenge, any client, any market. In the current market climate, there is

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